Thursday, December 13, 2007

Purple Temptation

I used my arm to sustain my head, laid sideways behind the French window. I was gazing at the flow of people that had a strong desire for me. Many people wanted to possess me, but I was too high to reach. Those who had possessed me were willing to spend money on me.

I had cream-coloured skin. I loved to wear gauze with purple spots which indistinctly revealed my delicate skin and the unique colour of my skin and therefore diffused the temptation that showed my temperament. We should have known that man loved beauty, they wish to own all kinds of beautiful things. Capable persons would achieve this easily; incapable persons perhaps would set a goal. In positive thinking, the goal was a challenge; in negative thinking, the goal was really a sad thing! In this flourishing society, I am only an insignificant goal to most of the people.

When children saw me, they used to stare at me, as though blaming a scoundrel. They were easier to handle than the others. They only needed me to fill up their hollow spirit and let them feel happy. Their life was hollower than me: maid was their parent, their school result was their whole life; they did not know about some myths, did not go on outings, only talked about computer games and shopping complexes.

When I saw a gathering of some richly attired and heavily made-up women, I knew I could not escape from them. Some of them wanted to possess me fully, some of them enjoyed sharing. I really could not endure their observation, it was much more careful than me: whether the husband’s shirt had stuck a hair which was longer, the dessert was not dainty enough due to two missing cubes of crystal sugar, Mrs Gu who lived next door seldom gone shopping recently…

I hated those businessmen who had taken a fancy to me. They had wasted my beautiful appearance! They were stinking with money. For them, money was the most important thing and every minute was worth money. I was only served as a foil. After the business affair, the meeting would be dismissed and there was nothing about love and interest.

“Tian Xun, I want this.” Under the charming eyebrows, a pair of bright piercing eyes were gazing me. She had striking features and a centre-parting in long straight hair. Her boyfriend had a stalwart build, between his bushy eyebrows stood an upright bridge of nose. I had been fascinated when I saw them. Very soon, I would merge with them and give them happiness.

“This lavender cheese cake is delicious!”

“If you like it, we can often pay a visit.” He held her hand. She nodded her head slightly and a smile was creeping around the corners of her mouth.

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