Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Please Preserve Our Malaysia Heritage

听苏丹街说! Listen to Jalan Sultan!

导演 Director : Soo 摄影Videographer : Cheng Haw, Soo, Kahgiap
剪接Editor : Soo & Robert 文字Subtitles : Sean,Hon & Keat Aun

《Kinchang Penindas》by Azmyl Yunor. Song & lyrics by Azmyl Yunor. From the album 'Warga' (2010, Troubadours)
《誓约之歌 Song of Promise 》 by 人镜慈善白话剧社 Yan Keng Benevolent Dramatic Association Chorus Team.

Produced by Petaling Street Community Art Project
Supported by Kahgiap Remarks

Special thanks to everyone involved and supporting Preserve Our Heritage, Save Jalan Sultan project!

苏丹街文化遗产, 不只是属于"你","我","他"的,她也是属于全马来西亚人民的 ! 从2011年7月至今,这是马来西亚史上,一段诉不尽文化古迹被蹂躏的艰难岁月......

人民Sayang Jalan Sultan的心声,"你"听到了吗?
人民Sayang Jalan Sultan的意愿,"你"听到了吗?
人民Sayang Jalan Sultan的决心,"你"听到了吗?


Jalan Sultan is a cultural heritage. It is not "Yours", mine, his or hers.
It is ours—rakyat Malaysia.Since July 2011, Malaysia has seen the continuous trampling of heritage sites.
Didn't " You" say no land will be acquired? What can the helpless folks do when" You" make ambiguous and flip-flop statements?

Have" You" heard the voices of Sayang Jalan Sultan?
Have "You" heard the wish of Sayang Jalan Sultan?
Have "You" heard the will of Sayang Jalan Sultan?
If "You" have turned a deaf ear to us, the rakyat is now asking you to prick up your ears and【 Listen to Jalan Sultan!】

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