Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Second Childhood

When I entered the cinema recently, I could hear the nursery rhymes that I was familiar with. The rhymes were formed by the children’s laughing, crying and spoilt behaviour.

I asked, why are you singing all the time everywhere: at home, in the shopping complexes, in the restaurants… even in the cinemas?

They said, we can’t stop and it’s a long way, we’ve got to go on and on.

They did not really answer my question.

I listened to their rhymes with full attention. I felt their glorious time and happiness, but they have never known the restriction of adults.

I heard their simplicity.

I heard their purity.

I could foresee their rhymes becoming complicated gradually.

If the world is a playground and the people are children, simplicity and purity will remain, wars will not happen.

I always remember the song that was sung by Daniel, our Malaysian Idol:

…Return to the previous time

Again, I enjoy the superficial mind

Hope to possess the childhood again

Again, we make a circle

Narrow the world becomes a playground

Happiness still can be felt without wisdom…

I felt I had possessed a second childhood when I was watching an animated film in the school holidays, with the children crowded in the cinema.

My laughter blended with them. I could hardly recognise my voice at that moment. I felt pity for those parents who could not sense the fun and the humour of the animation.

A lady who carried a little girl, who sat on my left hand side, stayed silent throughout the show.

Photograph by Dominic Khoo

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